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Eco RV solar panel kit includes everything you need
Eco RV solar panel kit includes everything you need

Eco Solar Kit (80 watts) w/ Bonus

  • $440.00 USD

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Eco 80 Solar Kit

The Go Power! Eco Solar Kit is the economical solution to keeping your batteries charged and healthy while away from grid power--replaces the need for a generator. This kit provides 80 watts and 4.57 amps of power charging capability. A great solution for a basic 1-2 day backcountry trip.

Eco solar panel kit for RV 

Perfect Balance of Power Needs and Price

Rugged, reliable, high quality solar panels and components provide ample battery charging at an economic price.

solar charge controller for solar panels

Advanced Solar Technology

With the digital 10 amp PWM (pulse width modulated) solar charging controller, your batteries will always get the right amount of charge to maintain power. The controller extends battery life by protecting them from damaging overcharge.

The digital screen displays your battery bank's charging status including charge current, battery voltage and battery capacity.

Ready-to-Install Kits Include Cables & Mounting Hardware

Everything you need to install and mount the panel is included, along with easy to follow, detailed installation instructions.

300 watt inverter bonus

Exclusive Bonus: Go Power! 300 watt Inverter

Receive a bonus 300 watt modified sine wave inverter with every Overlander kit purchased here! Small, lightweight and portable, this inverter can power TVs and charge cell phones, tablets & laptops. Just plug into your vehicle’s 12V accessory socket and it is ready to go.

Specifications and Product Comparison

Eco 80 Kit
(80 watts)
Overlander Kit
(160 Watts)
Overlander Kit + Expansion
(320 Watts)
Recommended for: 1 battery 1-2 batteries 3+ batteries
Solar Panels 1 1 2
Dimensions (each panel) (in) 30.31 x 26.77 x 1.1
(mm) 760 x 670 x 30
(in) 59.1 x 26.3 x 1.57
(mm) 1500 x 668 x 40
Weight (each panel) 15.4 lbs / 7 kg 32 lbs / 14.5 kg
Solar cell type Monocrystalline
Output power 80 W 160 W 320 W
Rated current 5.47 A 8.84 A 17.68 A
Rated DC voltage 17.5 V 18.42 V 18.42 V
Open-circuit voltage 21.0 V 22.7 V 22.7 V
Connectivity MC4 connectors
Solar controller 10 A, PWM 30 A, PWM 30 A, PWM
Frame type Clear anodized aluminum frame
Certifications CE
Warranty Solar Power Output: 25 years
Charge Controller: 5 years